Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finally! A wearable muslin of "The Ladies 1958 Party Dress"

Well hello all you lovely people out in blogging land! Thanks for stopping by :) 
I promise I am going to be doing at least one blog post every month if not more! I finally have some time to do some sewing for myself and I am churning out projects left and right. I also am fighting with several projects haha! Details on those to come later I am sure :) 

So without further ado .... My 1958 Ladies Party Dress!

I highly recommend this pattern by Sense and Sensibility Patterns This pattern is great to work with! The instructions are simple, and it fits like a dream with little to no pattern adjusting! I was so happy that I didn't have to mess with doing a FBA to this pattern. It has soft kimono sleeves and the option to do either a gathered or pleated (I went with gathered because I am lazy!) skirt and it is so comfortable. My wearable muslin is made out of a fantastic peach linen blend that I got on sale at Hancock Fabrics for about 3.00 a yard (I know! Steal of the century..and I have enough left over to make a skirt) I decided to make a simple belt to go around my waist with some mint green broadcloth, and fusible interfacing. Instead of lining the bodice as the pattern suggests with the help of some online tutorials I drafted my own neckline facing and am pleased with the results! I apologize for not having pictures of that part I took them with my cell phone which has recently gone to technology heaven so I only have a couple of the finished product to share! 
 This is the kind of dress that begs for a pretty crinoline underneath! It gives the skirt just that bit of extra oomph! That it needs to have that fun 50's vibe. I wrote about my plans for this dress a while ago with the idea that I would make it out of a polka dot fabric...Don't worry! I have not forgotten about my plans! This pattern is so simple to work with, adjust, and to sew up I plan on making a few more of them :)

For the first time in forever ...(don't know you felt like singing that aloud "Frozen Style") I didn't have an issue sewing something and man did it feel fantastic! I don't often have moments like these and it is a great feeling. I have a few more projects in the works that I am dying to share with you without further ado I am going to hop to it! 

As always.... Stay Calm, Have a great time, and don't forget that sewing your zipper in backwards happens sometimes! Grab that seam ripper and get to fixin!

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  1. I literally just found your blog and had to add you to my Liebster nomination post immediately. I posted it about 20 min before I discovered your blog through We Sew Retro. Love this dress so much!