Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Jackpot, New Dress, and I was Nominated for Something! Holy Moly Batman!

Where to begin with today's post ...I sort of don't know where to start. So many exciting things to talk about in this post it is uncanny! So hold on tight and join me for today's blog post!

Alright, I am going to start with the exciting vintage things I was given for free (I KNOW!! Seriously Free!) from a good friend who's grandmother recently passed. She wanted them to go to someone who would use them, so when she asked if I was interested in any old sewing stuff I jumped at the chance to take it off her hands. I wasn't sure what I expected when I started going through old boxes but some of the things I found really amazed me! There were boxes of sewing notions, fabric, patterns, and even a vintage Necchi sewing machine model 535FA. Everything is in wonderful condition, the sewing machine is all metal and came in its own suitcase, and most of the patterns are uncut! The sewing nerd inside me was (and still is) jumping for joy at all of this treasure. All of these items are amazing and I can't wait to start working with all of it. Also, if anyone has any information about the Necchi sewing machine it would be appreciated!

This is a photo of some of my favorites they are mostly 60's patterns
This is the oldest one. It has no date on it but the pattern is unprinted! 
Box is over-flowing!
Just a peek at some of the fabric!

Not sure what year this is but it is fantastic!

I finished another dress this week! This is my first official "wiggle" dress and I am in love with it! I made it using Vintage Vogue Pattern V8875. I don't know what it is about garments from the 50's but I just love them. This was my first time working with a Vintage Vogue pattern and I must say it was intimidating at first glance. The bodice was a little difficult to put together with the bust dart, side panels, and adding extra material to reinforce the underarm area. So many steps! Somehow I managed to make it through this one and though I did accidentally sew my sleeve to itself at one point (Whoops!) I am pretty excited at how it turned out. Once I got that sewn up the rest of the project was smooth sailing. I made the dress out of a simple blue cotton/linen blend and best of all easy to wear! The only thing I may change about it next time is to go down one more size as it is just a little bit big. All in all......a definite success I'd say! Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest my camera and I were having some issues.

Ok...Ok...Ok! Last bloggy thing of the day! Andie over at SewPrettyinPink was kind enough to add me to her list of Liebster Nominees!
Which is an award for newer, or lesser known blogs to help them get noticed. I must say this came as a big surprise to me and I am so thankful that she chose me as one of her nominees! Seriously, Check her out, what a talented sweet heart she is! So here are my questions she gave us to answer:

1. What is your favourite TNT (tried and tested) pattern? I would have to say my absolute favorite patter to work with is Gertie's Pencil Skirt pattern from her book for better sewing. I have made several of these bad boys in my size as well as others and it is just fantastic all around!
2. If you could quit your job and sew full time, would you? Why or why not? Yes, in a heartbeat! Sewing has become a passion of mine and if I could make enough money at it to do what I love each and every single day you bet I would.
3. What are your favourite types of fabric? Cotton, Linen (and linen blends!) and Stretch cotton sateen! They are definitely my favorite to work with.
4. Is there a fabric that scares you to try out? Why? I have a big fear of working with anything slippery and I also find rayon a bit intimidating. I have 5 gorgeous yards of a rayon print challis that I really need to work with but I am too nervous to even start making the first cut! Why? I don't really know I just don't want to mess up beautiful fabric.
5. What is next on your list of garments to make? I am planning to make a gathered circle skirt out of some fabulous fabric and a blouse from a vintage pattern :)
My Nominees are:
My lovely friend Kristen over at Make the best of everything! Because her blog is always a good source of inspiration for healthy living and she's awesome! 
My super-mom friend Brandy over at Life,Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Happiness  Her blog about her adventure into motherhood is honest, raw and heartfelt. 
You can chose to nominate others for the Liebster Award if you would like but you don't absolutely have to! Your questions are as follows ladies :) 
1. What made you decide to start a blog in the first place?
2. What are your biggest inspirations for blogging? What are the biggest challenges of it? 
3. How do you balance writing/blogging and your everyday life? 
4. What is your favorite kind of pizza? (I know this one has nothing to do with blogging but I thought it was time for a silly one!) 

Thanks for stopping by everyone, feel free to comment or email me anytime. As always ...breathe easy, do what makes you happiest, and absolutely do NOT throw objects in frustration when something is not doing what it is supposed to does nobody any good! :) It will be alright I promise...


  1. Hi. I found your blog from We Sew Retro. I just wanted to comment on a couple of things. Don't be scared of the rayon challis. I bought some to make Gertie's peasant dress on Creative Bug. That stuff is a b**** to cut in to. It is super shifty. What you need to do is spray it with spray starch and let dry before pinning your pattern. Works like a charm! It turns into a cotton-like texture. Test a scrap with it first. Congrats on your vintage sewing haul! I am jealous. I have that blue slip pattern. The pattern lady looks a bit like Marilyn, doesn't she? Good luck with all your makes and I hope you get some info on that cool sewing machine. I am interested too!

    1. I never would have thought to use spray starch before cutting it out! Thank you for the suggestion I will definitely have to try it!!

  2. That vintage haul rocks! Thanks for answering my Qs. Why didn't I put in the pizza question? LOL. :)

    1. Thank you for everything! I thought that the pizza questions. Would be a lot of fun to add in there.

  3. I love the dress and color! It looks really good on you. Where did you get this particular pattern? I'm new at sewing and learning. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I picked up the vintage repro pattern at Hancock fabrics but you can also get it online :)