Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My first ever.....Wellness Wedesday!!

Hello all!

As promised this is one of those new and exciting blog features that I have been cooking up "behind the scenes" I wanted to add something to this blog that everyone could use and I decided that a post every week about becoming a healthier, happier you was just the thing I need! The main focus of my posts will still mostly be vintage and craft related, but I thought this could be a nice break.

I suppose I should start off with a little bit of background as to why this subject is important to me personally. Two years ago when I started my journey to get healthier I was 60 pounds heavier, having some scary health issues, feeling depressed, and sometimes I just really didn't like myself. I found solace in coming home and putting my face into a container of ice-cream, drowning my sorrows in breading, and consuming my weight in ounces of sodas each day. Everything tasted so delicious I just couldn't figure out why it didn't make me feel train of thought was well if I eat this then my happy tastebuds will tell my brain to be happy and that is totally how it works.......right??? WRONG!

Unfortunately, I fooled myself into believing that this was the logical solution to my problems. These bad habits slowly became a lifestyle that I didn't really see a problem with, even though it did not make me feel better mentally, physically, or emotionally. My health issues began with just feeling tired, achey, and after about 6 months of that I began to have severe stomach issues. I was nauseated constantly, having gallbladder attacks, and having a lot of issues just doing simple tasks that at the age of 24 should not have been a problem.

After exploring different medicines, and treatments with a few doctors I began to feel hopeless. I had this medicine for stomach acid, this medicine for nausea, this medicine for this, this one for that, it all began to get overwhelming. I started to keep a food journal and put a little * after I ate anything that gave me issues, this was what set that little light bulb off in my head. I did this for a few days and realized that most of the things I was putting in my mouth were causing issues. I know, I know it sounds like that should be a no brainer but when food is your biggest "comfort" it is really hard to see it as the enemy. I realized that my body was not going to treat me any better until I treated it better.

I started by changing eating the beginning it was rough, and I will be honest I gave up a few times. I would say it was "too hard" or consider the fact that I ate something "bad" as a terrible failure then I'd shove some cookies in my face, and go right back to square one. What helped is I realized one day that slipping up is just fine. Just because I had a donut in the morning doesn't mean I have to have a bad lunch and dinner to follow. One bad food decision does not ruin my whole day!

I began to eat healthier and exercise on a semi-regular basis (I am far from perfect in this area but I am working on it!) after a few months my symptoms were gone. I had more energy, and I felt better mentally and emotionally.... So here I am....2 years ...60 lbs lighter longer on any medicines :)
Left photo at my heaviest weight of 240 Sept. 2012:Right photo taken 2 months ago at 181 :)
So this weeks installment of Wellness Wednesday is going to include my favorite healthy breakfast smoothie recipe:

Strawberry-Banana Oat Smoothie

1/2 frozen or fresh banana (I freeze mine because it makes the shake a little creamier and keeps it chilled)
3/4 C fresh or frozen strawberries 
1/2 cup finely crushed toasted oats (or untoasted really your choice)
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt (optional but it really boosts your protein!)
1/2-3/4 cup almond milk
Ice (optional)

Instructions: Throw it all in a blender :) blend it up, pour into a cup, insert straw and drink away! 
While this is not a low calorie is filled with fiber, protein and no added sugar so please...don't feel guilty about it!  

Nutritional info: Calories: 421, Fat 7 g (>1 gram saturated! woot!) Protein: 21g Carbs: 72 , Fiber: 11g 
Thanks for sticking with it and reading my first official Wellness Wednesday post! If I were Oprah-rich there'd be an amazing surprise like keys to a new car, an Ipod, or Backstreet Boy tickets (Cause you want it that waaaaaaaay....) Alas, I am not so I can only offer my thanks to you for being just who you are, where ever you are at in life. Seriously, YOU are amazing! Don't be afraid to get up, take some baby steps, and remember that just because you ate that oreo coookie does not mean you are failing at anything!

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